Saturday, September 15, 2012

Looking Forward to This... Again

Quick blog as I continue working on my promised blog of links galore and getting myself ready for school.
Last year I was thrilled to announce that I reached below 250. I come to you again excited to announce that I am *almost* there again.

Today I weighed myself and am at an even 257. *This* go round I have lost 18lbs. It may not seem like much but to me, it is. Most days this journey is a challenge. If you, my reader, could fully grasp the challenges I am faced with daily in regards to this journey, you, too, would understand.

However I do not want you to know. I don't want anybody to know, although there are plenty of me walking this planet. Nonetheless, I am thrilled with this update I bring to you, and for those who are going through the same struggles, I wish you nothing but the best; all the success in the world to achieve, not fail. And failure in this is the hardest thing to avoid more times than not, but it is something to *want* to avoid.

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