Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Alive

I have not abandoned my readers, no worries. Things have been hectic the last couple of weeks, however. I've not been counting points, I've not really been eating as healthy as I should, etc etc. I've lost a couple pounds, gained a couple pounds, and kind of not cared because of how busy I have been.

I need to get back on it damn it. I'll work on a meal plan in the morning, though, and focus. I need to. The longer I go without focusing, the harder it will be to get back to focusing and I do not want the added (unnecessary) difficulties.

I must say, though, that I have been making myself dress nicely and do my hair and makeup so that I don't feel sloppy. Makeup makes me feel pretty, and when I feel pretty I feel more confident, which in turn makes me what to continue with my weight loss. Soon I will share with you all my makeup tips and secrets in a separate blog dedicated for just that. I'm complimented all the time on my makeup and hair (when I do it) and am asked how I did it. So why not share?

I look forward to sharing with you all, but this tutorial/blog is not my primary focus right now. I am moreso focused on my son's doctor's appointments and my appointments as well as getting geared up and situated for school. *gasp* In just under one month from now, I will be a full time college student. About fucking time right!? I look forward to it though. Nervous? A bit. But man am I excited.

I got my blood panel results back and am actually pretty thrilled with that. My blood pressure is down significantly, I'm not anemic, which is something I once struggled with. My thyroid levels are back to normal, which is odd because the thyroid is not, as far as I know and can find in research, something that evens itself out once it's gone awry, at least not with medication, which I am not taking any. I do have an appointment with my PCP on Tuesday, though, so I will ask her about that.

Meanwhile my vitamin D is low, which is normal for the area in which I live, so I'm not surprised. My liver functions are a bit high, but this is not surprising for a person who is overweight, so since I'm obese, I'm definitely not at all shocked to any extent.

The biggest news, I think, is that I am out of the woods. What am I talking about? Diabetes. Diabetes is something that both sides of my family struggle with, and last time I had blood work done, I was pre diabetic and on the cusp of needing medications and daily monitoring. Quite frankly, though not something I'd want to deal with, ever, I'm definitely far too young for this shit and did not take that news well. But alas, food is my comfort and so my answer, initially, was to seek comfort in my food.

But now, with my diet changes, I can proudly say my fasting glucose is now COMPLETELY NORMAL! Fuck. Yeah. You have no idea the excitement I feel, even days after getting the news, each time I think or talk about this. I am thrilled!

Also news worthy? My cholesterol is now acceptable. My bad cholesterol, or LDL, is only slightly elevated, but is significantly lower than the last time it was checked. I am so very happy about all of this and am even happier to attribute all of these amazing, positive changes to my weight loss.

That being said, I do need to quit avoiding doctors like the plague. Quite frankly, avoiding them merely prolongs any treatment that may be necessary. Not all things make themselves apparent when they're going wrong, at least not right away. So I urge all of my readers and vlog viewers to put on the big girl (or boy) panties and schedule an appointment for a consultation with your PCP as well as requesting a full on blood panel, fasting, even if there's "no good reason" to do so.

I told my PCP 'there are no indications that I need these things done, other than my thyroid, but for peace of mind I want it done' and she said ok. Maybe that's just (another) indication that she's a good physician? Dunno, don't care. I'm just glad I have her.

So again, I urge you all to not gauge your health on your endurance on the running track or in the dance classes, not to gauge your health on the melting inches and smaller clothing but to seek further than that and find out what's 'hiding in your bloodstream'. THAT is what will define your health.

At this point, I'll bring this blog update to a close. I love all of you, my dear readers, and I continue to thank you for your support. It truly means a lot to me. And I, in return, fully support all of you as well.

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