Friday, December 2, 2011


I know this is slightly late. I've been suffering a bout of the flu for 25 hours now. Pretty lame. I'm not feeling nearly as terrible as before, thank heavens, but I still feel ICK.

Anywhooo... I was doing some research and found that caffeine can affect your blood pressure, raising it. Well I had 4 cups of coffee right before my appointment the other day so it makes sense that my BP was elevated. I wonder just how much it affected my BP though. I'll be sure not to drink any caffeine for 12 hours prior to my next appointment.

Meanwhile, in other news, and the premise of this promised blog entry...
On Thanksgiving I put on a pair of pants that have not fit me since they were given to me. (I should probably check what size they are because it would give me a good idea how many pants sizes I've lost.) That was big news (for me anyway) number one.

And the big difference (with the pants in question), the 'before' and the 'current'.

Yeah.. I'm pretty proud. :P


  1. Wow, you look great! Keep going Mama!

  2. You're looking awesome! How are you feeling? How's your motivation level?

    I was in a slump where I was eating most of my weeklies each week for the last few weeks and not making good choices. I'm making better choices now but not the best still, but it's progress.

    I can't notice my weight loss yet in myself and no one has commented yet other than my dad saying my face is thinner. I'm hoping for comments after christmas though, that gives me a few weeks to lose the 4.8 to get down to onederland.

  3. Thanks ladies. :)
    Allyssa, I feel MUCH better than I did before I ever started this journey. My motivation level is kinda mediocre at this point. I had a head cold for a while and then the flu yesterday so I've been groggy. With that I've not really felt like cooking so I've just wanted easy foods. I'm working harder than normal to stay on track though. I suppose the scale will let me know tomorrow how I have done this past week. My overall motivation level, however, is still very high!
    Slumps are pretty normal, I think, as long as you don't allow it to become habit! And like you said, better choices, even if not the best, is progress, and that's better than nothing!!!
    How much weight do you have to lose? For a slightly overweight person I've found that 5-10lbs show major difference however obese people tend to need to lose closer to 20-30lbs to really see a difference! Good luck!!!! I'm rooting for you to get to onederland!!!

  4. Hi Megan
    Im Sam. I saw your blog advertised on 3FC and thought I would take a peek. Congratulations on your weight loss so far - I am determined to get back on the wagon again. I previously lost 2st before I had my daughter but seeing as shes 17 months old now I dont really have much excuse for holding onto my mummy tummy! I look forward to following your blog - and your nibbly blog too for some ideas. Good Luck. Sam x x x

  5. Hi Sam.
    Thanks for becoming a reader and for your kind words. Each person who expresses support means the world to me.
    Good luck on your weight loss journey. It's not easy and any person who thinks it is must have some secret knowledge and they need to share! lol


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