Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

Ok I lied. The NEXT post will be the one that has the epic news and pics. Hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be up.

I had a doctor's appointment today that I've been slightly looking forward to but dreading. I haven't been to the doc. in 2-3 years. So much has been going on and even though there's still so much going on, I finally told myself to stop with allowing everything to get in the way. So the appointment was scheduled and I went today. Very happy I did. It was long overdue.

My blood pressure was fairly normal, although it has some room for improvement. Definitely nothing to worry about at this time. It's been much higher in the past and I attribute my weight loss to the positive changes. With a past systolic over 140 and diastolic over 90, I'm happy to be below those numbers. Shit, back in May my BP was 190/122. Today it was 138/86. So clearly I'm doing better.

I'll be going in on Friday for my blood work. My bloodwork in May showed that my thyroid, which was once hyper, is now hypo. I should have made an appointment at that time as this bloodwork was through the ER, but I didn't. You know.. that whole making excuses thing again.

I am always tired and I think this weightloss process, though I'm pleased, could go better if I were being treated for the thyroid issue.

Everybody in my family has thyroid problems. Not just hypo, but also hyper. But because my hyperthyroid wasn't being treated (insurance had dropped me and I couldn't afford the appointments, constant bloodwork and the medication) it basically overworked itself and crashed. Now it's hypo. Fucking genetics have fucked me over into hell.

I ended up leaving with the paperwork for my bloodwork and an appointment for 2 weeks from now, and a sore left arm. Flu shot and Tet. shot. Heh.. Might as well.

The doc. did go through my medical records which I had transferred over and commended me for doing so well on my dieting. That made me feel great.

So on the agenda is bloodwork Friday, then come home to eat since I have to be fasting.
Then take Brenden in for his EKG. Wonder how that'll go. XD Meanwhile, I need to get ready. I have friends coming over. Yay!

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