Friday, September 16, 2011


Ever wonder how true the pics you see are? I've never questioned the before and after pics of a person claiming success. And I myself have always been honest with my pictures.

So why do people lie? I think it's them trying to psych themselves out, but even more, they simply are not willing to admit to the general public that they've never weighed THAT much/they haven't lost THAT much or straight up those pics are before you became a fatass.

I just don't understand the logic. If you were just honest about it from the get go, you'd have that much more to boast about when you accomplish your goals. I love being able to share my before pic and people see me now. It's like yeah... I'm a pimp. Look at me WINNING! lol

Without being honest to others, you're not being honest with yourself, and that merely inhibits you. It's not healthy because then you see in the mirror the true you, and you let yourself down.

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