Saturday, September 10, 2011

Changing Things Up a Bit

I don't know if it's boredom or lack of self control, but I need a new way to do things.
I don't necessarily have an issue tracking my calories, which is how I lost my first 43 lbs, but it's, as I've found, my lack of meal planning. I just roll with it, and that's really screwing things up.

I need to find a site where I can meal plan and track the calories together, then print the damn thing.
I found a site I thought would give me what I wanted, and in a way it did, but it only had meals to choose from, nothing where you could add meals/recipes. I need that.

I have so many recipes, some of which I came up with myself and struggled with the legwork of figuring out decent serving sizes as well as the nutritional facts (every little tedious aspect of it) and, let me tell you, it is NOT easy when you have a variety of ingredients to take into consideration.

So the task at hand is to find a site to put together meal plans as well as calculate the calorie intake together, then I can print and follow and, once there are enough, put in a binder to follow. Recycle if you will.

Now that my son has started school I've been walking while he's in class. Tonight I remembered I have a pedometer I received at a gift last year for Christmas. Might as well take advantage of that, so starting Monday I'll be sure to bring that along. I'll probably just leave it in the car so it's always there; no forgetting it.

Today we'll be going to few local goings on, two of which will consist of a lot of walking. I'll have to bring along the pedometer for those as well.

Then to eat those calories. In my defense... Sorta...

I won tickets Friday afternoon to go see Contagion by answering correctly a question on the radio (What did a majority of men have in the 80s and early 90s that were acceptable by the general public that they're probably now embarrassed by? Answer: Mullets. roflmao)

Well... How can I turn down popcorn when we go to the movies!?

I hope all is well with my readers. If you know of any good sites, send em my way! ;)

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