Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Too Shabby

So I've not been counting calories for the last month or so. I blame Halloween. lol.. Truly though, I know it's my own slacking. HOWEVER, I must say I'm rather proud. I had gained some weight so I decided even if I'm not counting calories, I can still watch what I'm putting in my mouth. So, I've done just that.

I've lost all but 1 pound that I had gained back. After Halloween. After Thanksgiving. And.. no calorie counting.

I think once Christmas is over I'll do the Weight Watchers points system. I did that when Brenden was quite young and I was successful. We as a family did it together. I don't know why we quit doing it, but we did, and fucked ourselves over in the process.

I'm noticing guys looking at me more now. I mean.. LOOKING. It feels good.

Sunday I went to church with the family and mom AND Zach raved about how good I looked, especially in the jeans I was wearing.

I was on cloud 9, especially after the hot gas attendant flirted with me like crazy.

It feels nice being appealing to somebody's eyes. :)

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