Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Month and Still Strong

I've learned so much in the last month about counting calories. In 5 weeks I've lost 15 pounds. I'm starting to see the changes too. Yesterday I put a pair of pants on just to see how they fit. Last I tried, they were WAY too tight. You know the pants where you have to lay down and suck it all in and pray that the fat jiggles just right to get the damned things to button? Yep.. Well. No longer. These pants fit BEAUTIFULLY. Just like they did they day I tried them on in the dressing room prior to shelling out the $30 for them.

Today I put a pair of shorts on and rather than being 'form fitting', they were decently loose. My shirts are fitting more comfortably too.

Last week I had some fried food and ended up extremely ill after. I didn't find any irony whatsoever, and figured I just had some sort of bug as Brenden had it the night prior.

A few nights later, the day before we were to go shopping, I didn't know what to do for dinner, so I got the only thing in the freezer.. fried nuggets. Well, next day, Brenden and I are both feeling ill. I talked to my mom about it and she told me it was that our bodies are so used to the healthy meals we've been having that the fried foods were simply not something our bodies could handle.

A gal from the glider board I was on sent me some stuff, one of the things being a Zumba DVD. I love it sooo much. So, with this job I'm about to start I'm going to have to get the set. I also would like to find a Zumba class nearby and possibly join. I find the whole thing so enjoyable and invigorating.

I've got incredible support from my family and it honestly feels extremely good. I'm thankful for them, and my friend Amanda, whom lives a few minutes from me. She's lost 80 pounds in the last year and it is just so inspiring. I know I can do it with their support. :)

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