Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Don't Like That Diet

There are many ways to lose weight out there, and many diets to choose from. A good portion of them I don't even agree with, all for varying reasons.

The 'Subway Diet' is among many of them. This story popped up in my news feed this morning and I found it quite interesting. I most certainly do not agree with the man's chosen way to lose weight, but it works for him, so that's a plus. It was the before and after pictures that I appreciated more than anything. It makes me wonder what I will look like as I drop more and more weight. 

I've had many people tell me how 'gorgeous' I am and it makes them wonder just 'how much prettier' I'll be after the weight loss. I know that to some that may seem terrible, and if I had a stick up my ass I could totally take that the wrong way, but I know they mean it in the most kindest of ways. 

I commend him for working so hard, and being able to stick to such a strict diet. 

I count calories, but I still allow for my crappy food. I had Red Robin yesterday with family. (mmm gourmet burgers)
I allow myself ice cream, chips, etc. The key for me. Moderation. If I know that I am going to eat chips tonight, I'm going to make sure my breakfast and lunch are low in calories, especially since dinners tend to rack up the most calories. Ensuring the first two meals of the day are low, that means I'll have more leeway come dinner time and snack time.

But, like I said, this works for him, and it's the pictures I loved the most. :)

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