Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Wanna Know What It Feels Like

I know it will take time before I notice any difference in my weight loss endeavors. And, unfortunately, one of my downfalls in life is that I seek instant gratification. I hate waiting; so impatient. I think this is the downfall to many overweight people seeking weight loss.

I know that this fault of mine is quite common. Quite a few of the people I know are the same way.

And this is where I am now. In my first week, I lost 6.2 pounds, which is most certainly great. I just wish I could see it. It's been a weeks and a half now, and I'm not sure where I stand just yet.

I'm keeping track of my calories and activity on the extrapounds website, which I can tell you right now I'm thankful for. Keeping track of my activity is nice but it's nothing much to me. I refuse to exercise any set amount of time. Instead, it's until I get tired. Yesterday was only 10 minutes, but most days it's about 15-20 minutes, which is nice. The longer the better.

Keeping track of my calorie intake is, I'd say, the best part of this website as well as this journey. It's a real eyeopener just how many calories you can take in with something you like.

For instance, one of my favorite things is the Vanilla Chai Tea, which I buy at a local version of Costco. It's very good, and has quite the protein serving, however, it's loaded with calories. An 8 ounce serving is 160 calories. I will not make the mistake that many do though.

I will not deprive myself of the things I love. Instead, follow serving size. So after a day of low calorie intake, I allow myself a glass of Vanilla Chai Tea. I don't drink it often either. So it lasts longer, and I enjoy it all the more when I do have it.

So what's my most difficult thing right now? Pizza.

I get 1 free large 1 topping pizza every week through my apartment. I love pizza, and like most people, I can put that pizza away! So what I've done is get thin crust. This way, I can eat a shit ton and the calories are about half as much as hand tossed.

Another thing I actually don't have an issue with, and I thought I would, is snacking. I didn't get rid of all the junk food, and I still buy Brenden the snacks he likes. Sometimes Brenden will be snacking on something next to me, and I can smell it. It's mouthwatering. I want some. I do one of two things, take the serving size and log it, or ignore it. I tend to ignore it.

I don't mind knowing what it's like to live healthy. Or healthier. I just want to know what it feels like so be thinner, comfortable. I want to see  and FEEL the benefits of my work.

In time, I know this. In time.

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