Wednesday, November 16, 2011

^%$#%$#%^%$ Yes That's How I Feel

I have ANOTHER cold. I think this cold is playing it's own form of ping pong. My brother had it, then my mother. Then I was blessed with it, but only the coughing. I thought I kicked it. Brenden missed two days of school last week due to having the cold, and now I have it (again). But now it's coughing and stuffy/runny nose. Vick's is my best friend, as is a nice pricey tissue and humidifier.

I have no 'umph' in myself to do more than the minimum at this point. I don't want to cook but am only doing so because, other than having a child to feed, as well as myself, the only healthy meal is the one you take the time to prepare.

Every thing I've done, push ups, crunches, sit ups, stationary bike, walking, running of course... I do for a few seconds and end up coughing up a storm and needing to blow my nose. It's ridiculous.

Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon because I really want to take my friend up on her offer of a day together with the kiddos. Movie, lunch, park. Sounds fun, and I think I need it. I've been a bit of an emotional wreck the last couple of days. Why is irrelevant.

Yesterday I decided to measure myself. In the time I've been dieting, it was the second time. I didn't measure myself for the first time until September of last year, so I have no idea the measurement of the beginning of my weight loss journey, but my clothing do speak up where those missed measurements don't in written form.

Since September of last year, I have lost (in inches) the following from each criteria:

Neck: 1
Biceps: 1
Forearm: 1
Chest: 4
Waist: 7
Hips: 5
Thighs: 3
Calves: 1

I'm very pleased with those stats. Now let's hope this cold doesn't kick my ass and help add weight or keep me stagnant because I can't exercise without falling over in a fit of coughing and running to the tissue box.

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