Monday, November 21, 2011

Rough Week Ahead

I've already begun my Thanksgiving preparations. I spent the weekend with the tedious and long process of cleaning out pumpkins, chopping them, peeling the thin layer of the attached guts, boiling, peeling and disposing the skin (trust me.. do this when boiled and cooled!), and mashing and draining excess water. Wow.

The key to boiling pumpkin is to keep your heat on low. It takes forever to heat and bring to a boil, but something about it makes the end result that much better.

I tend to boil for 5 hours. So obviously, with as much as I had, I did half on Saturday and half yesterday. I don't plan on making a low calorie/points pumpkin pie, but I will be presenting pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread and muffins, pumpkin bread pudding(!) and pumpkin lattes, all of which you will NOT regret making.

I plan on having a busy week. Brenden doesn't have school but I'm going to be having him do schoolwork anyway. With his ADHD I'm not going to make him sit for more than 1-2 pages. Lots of play time. It seems to help him keep interest for the little spurts of school work. I'm also going to incorporate learning with some fun Thanksgiving art projects (trace your hand on 5 different pieces of paper, all different colors for example).

We'll be baking these adorable cookies I found at the store as well. They're Pillsbury, naturally. Love their cookies, I won't lie. lol These ones have turkeys in the middle. TOO cute.

I'm still not feeling well and I'm rather sure I have an upper respiratory infection, although I won't jump into details as to why I think that. I'm sure one with knowledge of respiratory infections would be able to figure that out easily enough. ^_^

I did lose another 1.4 lbs this past week. Very happy with this. I'm not expecting to lose weight this week but I do hope to at least maintain. If I gain, let it be very little.

I can't recall if I covered this in my last blog, so if I'm being repetitive, my apologies. I recently attended a Weight Watchers meeting, although I have no intentions of paying. Really you're paying for the materials to track. I don't need that. I also do not need to utilize their website features in which you need to be a paying member to access.

The leader was incredibly kind and agreed with me and accepted me into attending meetings as often as I wanted, no need to pay. So not only have I been attending for the past couple of weeks but I've also been able to be of some help by offering some tips and tricks that I myself have learned through research. I'm very excited at being able to attend and learn and help with what I myself know. I hope that I can be as helpful there as I have been to so many of my readers online.

My emails and thanks are astounding and continue to be motivational. I appreciate each and every one of you.

SIDE NOTE: Don't recall mentioning this either.. lol.. I'm losing myself and the holidays have only just begun. OH MY! If you have a Twitter, follow me there, where I will update with every new TFM blog, HN blog, and YT video. ThisFatMom is the name. Also look for ThisFatMom on YouTube!

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