Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunshine and Rainbows

Ok, not really. But hey, it didn't rain today!

It was honestly a better day today. Not fabulous, but better. I don't know why I was so down in the dumps yesterday, but I was. I woke up with a 'woe is me' attitude and had hopes that as the day progressed the attitude would diminish but alas, it did not.

Today I feel more human. I woke up excited to have a bowl of my favorite cereal, as I mapped out in the meal planner. Strawberry Fields. With almond milk of course. So damn NOM! I began eating and it was fine. All of a sudden, there's this horrible taste. It's what I imagine bug spray tastes like. This is definitely not a recognized taste. My sense of gustaoception has been incredibly offended. I began to gag. I look into my bowl and there are piss ants floating in my bowl. Sugar ants. The little black fuckers that harass your bag of Oreos if not closed properly.

Yes. Those son of a bitches are in my cereal. What. The. Fuck!? After hacking and ready to drink Tabasco Sauce, anything, to get this taste out of my mouth, I make myself some Crystal Lite 'juice' at the speed of lightening and chug. And repeat this process about three times.

Ok. Now that I'm fairly calm, and the taste is all but completely vacant from my memory, I pull the cereal back out. I don't see any IN the bag. Hmmm. Pull the bag out of the box and lo and behold... Those unmentionable little pricks are all over. Scrambling around. Begging for mercy, I'm sure.

Today is their lucky day. I toss all of it in the outside trash. Now you, my reader, must understand. I may have lived like a pig in the past. But I have much more respect for myself and my home now. It is clean, I put stuff, especially food, away quickly, so this is by no means the effects of living dirty.

So we clearly need to put everything in Tupperware containers and Ziplock bags once opened. Fabulous.

I'm sure it was all in my head, but for the following few hours I felt a tad sick to my stomach. I finally began feeling better around noon, missing out on my AM apple. Ok no biggie. I'm not exactly hungry, but I know it's important to weight loss to not skip meals if I can help it.

I had some grilled veggies with a sprinkle of cheese, just to appease my tastebuds. Those brats sure do love cheese. They have no consideration for my waist line. Let me tell you.

After picking Brenden up from school we came home, had a fruit pop (each) for snack (because, you know, it's not cold enough outside or anything), he did some homework and played some video games, and I vegged out at the computer.

Oh yeah.. Somewhere in all of that, before I vegged at the computer I cut up the chicken wings and made the mix and marinated them. See.. I AM a busy momma!

On to dinner.. I am pretty sure I perfected my recipe for (amazing) buffalo wings. That makes 3 recipes I need to add to the recipe blog.

I sure hope you all are enjoying and utilizing that blog! I have one friend who has full intentions of trying my recipes and another friend of mine who has tried almost every recipe and texts me to tell me how awesomesauce they are. Yeah yeah don't flatter me. Actually.. Please do. It's more motivation to continue blogging my recipes. And lucky for you all.. They're free. No need to buy cookbooks.

The thing I hate about cookbooks is that no matter how raved the creator is (or they claim to be) there's always something missing to me. This could be just me. It probably is actually. I'm just so freakin picky. This is why when I come across a recipe I end up making it an additional 1-3 times (sometimes more even!) before I'm willing to say YES to it, and then share it.

So if, on my recipe blog, you see that I'm putting up 2+ recipes a day, it's a combination of 2 things.

1. These recipes aren't done and then put up. These are recipes I've worked on several times over. Obviously not all in the same day.
2. Procrastination. Mostly procrastination. I'm really really good at procrastinating. I deserve a freakin medal for this.

So that's it for today folks. A novel of sorts. If you made it this far, you get a gold star.

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