Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It Burns So Good

Mmm baby gimme that burn!

I walked 2 miles today. Oh yes. Yes I did. Up hill, down hill (my favorite), some funky sideways inclines. About 2/3 of the way through my calves started burning. But I just turned up the iPod and kept going. Not like I have much of a choice if I wanted to get to my car.

I also carried with me a 1 liter bottle of water to not only keep myself hydrated but also to give my arms a tad bit of a workout.

I look forward to doing this again tomorrow. It works perfect at this point because I do it while Brenden is in school, and I'm by his school. But... I know that our schedule is only temporary.

I'm also doing sit ups first thing in the morning.

Either before bed tonight or when I get up in the morning I need to update my iPod list too.

Now before I close up for the night... I got a letter from a girl I went to school with who is on my FB. She's been following my blog and asked me questions and instead of writing back to her, though the blog will be for all of you, it's been brought on by her and written with her in mind.

It will be about maintaining motivation, and what I do for that, and my advice to all of you.

Until then, hang in there. I'm hoping this blog will be up tomorrow, but I really want to take my time with it. Just like I took my time with the VS blog. Man... That blog took forever. I'm so anal about that crap.

G'night folks.

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