Friday, October 7, 2011

McDonald's and Other Stuff

I could have waited to blog tomorrow since tomorrow is weigh in day, but I choose not too.

Today was a busier day than I'm used to. I wore heels all day today, and did a lot of walking, so now they are so sore. Heels are not meant to be worn when you're walking a lot, especially when there's a lot of up and down hill walking. Had I known I was going to be walking so much I would have brought my pedometer with me.

Most of said walking was at the university. I got a lot done, considering. I met with an academic adviser because there were things on the application form that made no sense to me. He was so helpful and kind. Really all the people there were wonderful. I look forward to being a student there.

Brenden started getting antsy and the guy asked him if he liked Goofy. Of course Brenden does, so he said yes. The man then drew a really adorable picture of Goofy and Brenden was so giddy.

I have an appointment for Monday with a financial adviser. This time I won't be wearing heels. :P

I promised Brenden I'd take him to McDonald's because he's been doing incredibly well in school and was also very well behaved while at the university and I wanted to reward him for being so amazing. After all, I hardly ever reward him with food or toys or movies for good behavior, but once in a while it's ok.

I did good too. Only 10pp 'spent', and I had only used 4 for the day at that point, so I still have quite a few points left.

Tonight I have the task of not only the meal plan for the upcoming week but also a shopping list. I hate double whammies.

Tomorrow is house cleaning day where we do deep cleaning, whipping out the gloves and chemicals. I did get a head start this evening though. I got one cage cleaned and my room is cleaned and half of the kitchen is clean. This evening I'll clean the bathroom and the rest of the kitchen, leaving the office area, one other cage and the living room to clean. Brenden cleans his own room so I'm not worried about that, and the dining room is clean. Then sweep, mop and vacuum. I also want to pin the couch cover on so it stops slipping.

What does housework have to do with weight loss? It's a great stress reliever, which, when relieving stress, reduces the desires to binge, especially with shitty food, and it's good for you. You're active, getting your heart rate up (unless you're slow while you clean; I happen to work fast cause I really get into it), and this helps aide in weight loss. Win win!

On a final note, before I work on scholarship paperwork, I want to post a picture of a fabulous yet simple dinner I made the other night. Lemon pepper chicken with organic (fantastic) apples and home grown tomatoes. Super nom!

As always, being sure to watch portions! But it is such a healthy meal, and yummy!

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