Monday, September 26, 2011

86 That

After mulling over the whole juice deal, I decided to 86 that idea. For the amount of fruits and vegetables it takes just for one 8oz glass of juice, I could make several salads of various sorts. It really is not cost effective. I'm going to look into the various protein shakes instead. My worry, however, is the taste.

I simply cannot force myself to consume any meal or beverage that tastes the equivalent of ass. This is not, however, to say that I know what ass tastes like. I don't. But I've tried things that tasted pretty damn awful, and I describe it as tasting like ass.

We weren't able to go for that walk I insisted we were going to go on to begin daily walking. Weather sucked too badly, and I really had too much to do.

Instead, I succeeded in going through ALL of my son's clothing. I'm not talking just the dresser. I went through the dresser, the box of clothing that didn't fit in the dresser but we still picked through, and the box of clothing that is for much later (read: WAY too big at the moment).

In doing so, I hung up all of the nice clothes and outfits as well as all of the dress coats and casual coats. I organized everything else and began putting stuff away and, even after filling up two bags for donation (or sale, whichever), he simply has too much clothing that it will just not fit into his dresser.

This dresser is older than God. His paternal grandmother gave it to me when I was pregnant. I refurbished that baby with sanding and painting and some pimp decals. But alas, my boy is getting older and the fact of the matter is he is growing out of his bedroom set. Soon the days of the fireman bed with the working siren and light (and thus the hidden adapter) will be behind us. In a few short months my brother will be 'graduating' to a new bed, though the one he has now is pretty age appropriate. I may be incorrect, but I believe he'll be getting a larger bed. After all, what 13 year old wants a twin bed!?

The bed he will be leaving behind is a beautiful custom made wooden bed. Not cheap wood either. This bed is a bitch to move, even when put together. It's just gorgeous, but not girly.

When my brother gets his new bed, this one will be Brenden's. By this time my brother will be 14, or damn near close, and Brenden will be closing in on 6. I imagine with the bed change will come an entire decor change, but I'm not quite ready to face that.

So I'm now looking, sort of, for a larger dresser that will compliment the upcoming bed and will also house my son's massive clothing collection.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go through all of Brenden's toys and dress up items and cut back on some of his crap. Christmas is coming up anyway. But if the weather is willing, that will simply sit on the back burner while I enjoy a walk.

Meanwhile I have found with vacuuming, sweeping and mopping multiple times per week, my workouts are pretty much already accounted for. Fact of the matter is I have a large house to tend to, and by the time I'm done, I'm sweaty and gross and my heart is pounding.

As much as I wish my house would just clean itself, it really does offer a decent workout!

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