Saturday, April 3, 2010

Endurance Increasing =)

It's been less than a full week since I started working out daily. Recommendations are that you exercise thirty minutes per day, three days per week, minimum. However, I know me. If I take a one day break, tomorrow I won't want to, and the next day I won't want to. Granted, part of me doesn't want to work out anyways, though part of me does. What can I say... my work out DVDs are actually entertaining. I make fun of the 'host/leader', saying things like 'calm down you cracked out bitch'. I giggle at Billy Blanks when I do Tae Bo. That guy has GOT to be on crack. He doesn't stop. He doesn't even seem to ever run out of breath.

Anyway... so I have a routine. Twenty push ups, twenty sit ups, four different work outs with the weights, twenty count per work out, and four different work outs with the elastic band, twenty count per work out with that as well. My arms are sore by the time I'm done. I'm feeling the effects of my shoulder muscles and abdominal muscles doing what they aren't used to more than anything. I was in a decent amount of discomfort yesterday, and a bit today as well. But I keep on. Like I said, if I take even ONE day off, it's going to be a bitch to get back on it.

Then I work on my videos. I have six different videos I have to choose from, and a friend of mine is SUPPOSED to send me a copy of the P90X DVDs, which I really want, but can't afford. I look forward to committing suicide with that series. I've heard of so many people getting physically ill because of the intensity.

Speaking of intensity, I've taken notice to something that makes me extremely happy. My endurance is increasing. Already. Before I could do two sits ups or push ups and be about ready to put a bullet through my head. Now.. twenty. It's not EASY, but it's a hell of a lot easier than it was less than a week ago. And Billy Blanks, your Tae Bo isn't killing me after five minutes now. No sir. I did fifteen minutes before I needed to take a break. I pushed myself; you bet. But bitch, I'm doing it.

I can't bring myself past that, but... I will. You just wait and see!


  1. HAHAHA ... Did you know that if the average person works out 30 minutes a day 3 times a week and eats healthy they will lose 1 lb a month. I say FUCK those national statistics for a healthy living.

    The personal trainer at my gym recommends a set amount of time DAILY for cardio and then alternate resistance/strength training to different parts every other day. So abs and upper body one day and butt and legs the next day so you don't wear out and get sore.

    (as a side note .. intensity is excellent, however, I assume your goal is weight loss, and for that duration is more effective than intensity. Keeping your heart rate at about 165 for a longer duration will be more effective than short sprints of having it over 180)

  2. Absolutely. My ultimate goal is to lose weight, but I also don't want such minimal activity to tire me out in five minutes. There was once a time where what I am currently doing would have been no big deal. Knowing what my body used to be able to put up with compared to now is all the more encouraging; I want to get there again.


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