Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And So It Begins

Tis the time of year when the struggles begin. This is the time I began struggling last year, and this tends to be the time of year that begins causing troubles for others, especially if they have children.

So we had a fabulous Halloween, with the exception of a few minor issues, but they don't matter because my perspective on things are changing.

Brenden chose to be two Jokers in one. A cross between the Arkham Asylum Joker and The Dark Knight Joker. He wanted me to dress up too, but I met him halfway and painted my face. Due to the aforementioned minor issues, my makeup was kinda shitty and the fake eyelashes were put on horribly. But Brenden looked fabulous.

 This picture was taken after the ToTing and he had already begun picking at the makeup, but he still looked amazing.

He got a lot of compliments which just boosted his ego, which is already pretty big. Every time he got a compliment he would say 'did you see my mom? She's my partner in crime'. Apparently to him Dia De Los Dios looks as evil as the Joker. He was so very proud. (I even got a few compliments, and comments from others about how nice it was that I dressed up with my son.)

After a while we made off with his loot to the safety of the car to shield ourselves from the cold. I'll admit, we picked through the candy.

After getting home, showering (and that water was UGLY!) and bundling up, we picked through the candy some more.

Today wasn't horrible. I had a couple pieces of chocolate and two lollipops. Tomorrow will be better because I won't have anything. Ok.. Maybe a lollipop.

Since Brenden did not have school today I spent the day cleaning the house. And I must say, it's looking, and smelling, pretty spectacular right now. I got all of the rooms dusted, the bathroom, kitchen and dining room thoroughly cleaned (bleach and elbow grease) and swept, mopped, and vacuumed. I even cleaned the cages and swept the front steps. Doing such a thorough cleaning resulted in sweating and my lower back and right knee hurting. I wanted to work out but after all of that but I felt it was best I refrain. I do wish I had time to clean out my car though. I've been neglecting it.

Moving on, I have loads of phone calls to make tomorrow, but I'm hoping to be able to do some Zumba and more of my stationary bike. This bike is amazing. I push myself a little more each time. The first time I sat on it, just a week and a half ago, I couldn't go more than a mile. Already I'm progressively upping the resistance throughout the workout and the last time I got on the bike, just two nights ago (I walked a lot yesterday so I nixed the bike), I got myself to just under 5.5 miles and 140 calories burned. All in thirty minutes.

I'm also looking into Hooping, which is something I will blog solely about another time. I'm working on becoming an affiliate of a hooping agency or two. I've also decided that, if I continue at the rate I'm already going, come January when I start school I should be in good enough shape to start training for the Couch to 5K. How amazing would it be if I could participate in a 5K by summer!?

I'm hoping that by my printed paperwork for training and my planned (this weekend) organization for binders and also hanging for visual reminders and such, I'll have an easier time staying on track. I'll also be searching for something in the free app market on Android for something that will help me with my workouts. Not sure what exactly I'll be looking for, but Android has a lot of stuff, so I'm sure I'm find something that catches my fancy.

I'll keep you all up to date on what I find and what my ratings of the apps that I try out are.

Until next time, ciao.

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